Sunday Songlist, Territory, and the. . . . RED PEN

Mamacita says:  the weekend is almost over – indeed, on Sunday afternoon, the weekend is as good as over because that’s when the depression starts, although it’s not as bad as it used to be.  More than anything else, it’s … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: The Weekend

Mamacita says:  This weekend is unlike any I’ve ever experienced, ever.  I can’t remember it ever happening, anyway.  If you are a pervert, burglar, murderer, or one of my stalkers, please cover your eyes as other people read the following:  … Continue reading

Sometimes the Pearls ARE Swine.

Mamacita says:  These particular scum-sucking spawn “humanoids” are once again being discussed in the Blogosphere, so I’m re-running my own take on them.  I refer to Michael and Debi Pearl. I beg of you all, do not buy any books … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Snow

Mamacita says:  Since southern Indiana has been covered with snow for two weeks now, I thought I’d use that same idea for Quotation Saturday.  The forecast for tomorrow night, indeed, is for more snow, but unless the “feel” of the … Continue reading

Leave That Sleeping Teen Alone!!!!!

I posted part of this a couple of years ago, but it’s the weekend and I think it bears posting again because when I think of all those exhausted teens being dragged from their beds because some adult thinks that … Continue reading

Why Are We Allowing Schools to Punish the VICTIMS of Bullying, and Not the Bullies?

Mamacita says:  There is nothing on the planet as important as our kids, and we really need to keep aware of what’s going on in their world. Even when we don’t like to admit that these things are happening. Oftimes, … Continue reading