Quotation Saturday: Gumption!

Mamacita says:  Well, well, well, another Saturday has sneaked up on us! “Gumption” is an old-fashioned word, but gumption itself is a quality that seems to be old-fashioned, too.  Schoolkids aren’t given time to prove they’ve got gumption or not, … Continue reading

Wednesday: Why Do It Be?

Mamacita says:  I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, exactly a spring chicken these days, but when the time comes that I stop asking questions, they can bury me.  In fact, they should.  What possible use is a … Continue reading

Flatulence won't fill the tank.

Mamacita says:  When I was a little girl, Dad would often wink at Mom after dinner, and say “Now I’ve got gas; I guess I’ll go out and sit on the car.” And she would roll her eyes and say … Continue reading

It's Outrageous: Not Everyone Deserves A Real Diploma!

Mamacita says:  Does anyone else wonder why parents and teachers are spending so much time on topics such as red ink, dodgeball, and T-shirts, when it seems to me a much better topic for discussion might be, “Why are we … Continue reading