Thanksgiving Is All About Gratitude

Mamacita says: Thanksgiving isn’t really just one day, you know.  It’s just the one day wherein we are all reminded that EVERY day is a day of thanksgiving in one way or another. Some people consider this official Thanksgiving Day … Continue reading

The Welcome Mat: A Virtual Venn Diagram

Mamacita says:  I’ll start this off with my usual flippant “Bring it on.” There is a child’s world, and there is an adult’s world.  Often, they intersect.  Sometimes, they don’t, and each is best kept in his/her proper section.  Those … Continue reading

You Are Santa Claus. Do Your Job.

Mamacita says:   Whether or not you celebrate Christmas has nothing whatsoever to do with being Santa Claus for someone. Call it whatever you wish: just call it something, and go forth and do it. Letting your soul curl up into … Continue reading

The Queen's "We" Loves Morel Mushrooms

Mamacita says:  It’s that time again.  That’s right; it’s finals week. Oh wait, that wasn’t what I meant to say. It’s that time again.  The morel mushrooms are here. My husband still speaks wistfully of the day he and the … Continue reading

Lighten Up, Oh Ye Of Little, No, or Different Faiths

Oh jeepers gee WHILIKERS, one of my posts has been syndicated on my wondrous BlogHer! ======== Mamacita says:  Okay, so, today’s what, the 15th?  It’s time for another politically incorrect rant!  Be warned, oh overly-sensitive types born without the ability … Continue reading

Popcorn Thief!

Mamacita says:  If one person offers to make popcorn for another person, and that other person declines the offer, and the first person says “Are you sure? I’m making popcorn and I’d be glad to make some for you, too,” … Continue reading