You Are More Important Than A Piece of Paper

My students tend to get stressed when it’s quiz or test time. I want to tell them not to worry so much, so I think I will do just that: Dear students: It’s just a piece of paper. No piece … Continue reading

The Welcome Mat: A Virtual Venn Diagram

Mamacita says:  I’ll start this off with my usual flippant “Bring it on.” There is a child’s world, and there is an adult’s world.  Often, they intersect.  Sometimes, they don’t, and each is best kept in his/her proper section.  Those … Continue reading

Mamacita Says: The Good Popsicles Are On The Bottom

Mamacita says:  When I’m stressed out, I want Popsicles. It simply has to be some kind of anomaly, however, that in a big box of 48 Popsicles, three flavors, every time I dip my hand in that box, I bring … Continue reading