Those Were The Days

Mamacita says:  Mary Hopkin was one of the few women signed to The Beatles’ “Apple” label, and I have always liked her “Those Were The Days.”  However, I liked it better when “those days” weren’t quite so far back. I grew … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

Mamacita says: 1.  You’re never too old for a popsicle. 2.  8-gig SD cards for nine dollars?   I’ll take two, please.  Thank you, Amazon. 3.  Stinky ladybug beetles are starting to drop down on my furniture.  Where did they live … Continue reading

Mamacita Says: The Good Popsicles Are On The Bottom

Mamacita says:  When I’m stressed out, I want Popsicles. It simply has to be some kind of anomaly, however, that in a big box of 48 Popsicles, three flavors, every time I dip my hand in that box, I bring … Continue reading