Again, Leave Your Sleeping Teens ALONE

Bad Mom

Mamacita says: I just read another post wherein moms were adamant that their teens NEVER got to sleep in. They got up early every single morning, by gosh and by golly, and had chores to do. Apparently, chores that couldn’t be done later. Getting up early builds character. Only lazy people sleep in the morning. And also apparently, adults in their house were not allowed to sleep in, either. People got up early in the morning because people were supposed to get up early in the morning so by the great horn spoon, EVERYBODY should get up early in the morning. Etc.

I thought a lot of things about these moms but the main thought I thought about them was how grateful, genuinely grateful, I am that none of those women was MY mom. My mom was a GOOD mom. She understood that three of her four kids were wired for the night. Left on our own, in a perfect world, we are creatures of the night.

Somehow, in spite of our slovenly, lazy ways, we managed to earn our own livings, raise our own children, some of whom are also night owls, and live productively in spite of not willingly adhering to the horror of the dawn except when absolutelhy necessary. She herself always got up early, but unless we had to go to school or a job, or had an appointment, she let us sleep. Parents who don’t, are not good parents. Bring it on.


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