Indiana Weather Is Fickle!

Mamacita says:  If some variety in your weather is what you are seeking, you need to live in southern Indiana.  We have the most fickle of all possible weathers here. I can’t tell you how many months I drive to … Continue reading

Nothing Says “Be Prepared” Like A Hoosier Car

Mamacita says: Yesterday, I put the electric blanket back on the bed.  Last night, I turned it on because my feet were like frozen fish sticks.  Today, the sun is shining and it’s lovely, warm, and breezy with just a … Continue reading

The Typical Southern Indiana Winter

Mamacita says:  If you don’t live anywhere around these parts, you might think this is some kind of joke.  If you live in southern Indiana,  you’ll know it for the truth that it states. The Typical Southern Indiana Winter @ … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Snow

Mamacita says:  Since southern Indiana has been covered with snow for two weeks now, I thought I’d use that same idea for Quotation Saturday.  The forecast for tomorrow night, indeed, is for more snow, but unless the “feel” of the … Continue reading