Indiana Weather Is Fickle!

Mamacita says:  If some variety in your weather is what you are seeking, you need to live in southern Indiana.  We have the most fickle of all possible weathers here. I can’t tell you how many months I drive to … Continue reading

Perfect Hoosier Persimmon Pudding

Mamacita says: Mamacita says: By request (ask, and ye shall receive) here is the persimmon pudding recipe again. Persimmons don’t grow in too many places, so chances are good that most of you have never heard of them.  However, southern … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: On Sunday, and From Hoosiers

Mamacita says:  I just got back from BlogIndiana a couple of hours ago, and I think I’m going through withdrawal. Hanging out with a large group of awesome people who understand the jargon and purpose of social media and blogging … Continue reading