A Sympathetic Reply to Your Email, Student Dear.

Mamacita says:  Now ordinarily, as anyone who knows me already knows, I’m a firm believer in staying up late and sleeping in, whenever possible.  When I think of all those exhausted teens being dragged from their beds because some early-bird … Continue reading

Plutarch Nailed It.

Mamacita says:  Guess what. Not every student is ‘more alert’ in the mornings. Believe it or not, many students are nearly comatose early in the morning and their brains spring into action later in the day. This is not always … Continue reading

Omens, Witch-burning, and Fools

Mamacita says:  Second day of class, and we’re buried alive in snow, so much so that even the college canceled classes. I don’t believe in omens, but I can’t help thinking, “omen.” I did what I usually do on a … Continue reading

Signing Off, Signing On, Test Patterns, and the Peacock

Mamacita says:  Most of you have never seen this picture before. Most of you have never known a time when television wasn’t a 24-hour marathon of programming.  This is a test pattern.  If you turned on your television after midnight, … Continue reading

Leave That Sleeping Teen Alone!!!!!

I posted part of this a couple of years ago, but it’s the weekend and I think it bears posting again because when I think of all those exhausted teens being dragged from their beds because some adult thinks that … Continue reading

Rambles With No Easy Answers

Mamacita says:  Women who had difficult labors probably hate me already right now, but I’ll go ahead and make it worse: I loved being pregnant. I felt GREAT. Even when I was sitting still, doing nothing, I was still doing … Continue reading