Rambles With No Easy Answers

Mamacita says:  Women who had difficult labors probably hate me already right now, but I’ll go ahead and make it worse: I loved being pregnant. I felt GREAT. Even when I was sitting still, doing nothing, I was still doing … Continue reading

BlogHer, Blackberries, Amtrak, and Twitter. Oh My.

Mamacita says:  Before I forget, click HERE and laugh.  I do love humor that requires a lot of prior knowledge.  This cartoon almost made me wet my pants.  Almost.  ALMOST.  Shut up. Before I really calmed all the way down … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

Mamacita says: 1.  It didn’t rain today, and all the plants, animals, and people are in shock.  I mean to say, we don’t know what to do with ourselves.  We’re peeking out of the ark and seeing sunlight.  I guess … Continue reading

It Is A Terrible Thing Not To Become A Woman When One Ceases To Be A Girl

Mamacita says:  This was formerly posted back in February of 2009, but since so many people are blogging about their pregnancies and deliveries these days, I thought I’d rerun this one of mine. I have others, but I kind of … Continue reading

Things I Haven't Done Yet

Mamacita says:  I’m really not a very cool or adventurous person, and many of the things I’ve never done are done every day by most people.  I get that “raised eyebrow oh really” face from others, a lot.  Sigh. 1.  … Continue reading

That Was Then, and This, Unfortunately, Is Now

Mamacita says:  Even when I was a child, I was a reader.  Not just a reader-in-school, either; I was a READER.  When I wasn’t climbing the apple trees next door, skating around the block, or riding my bicycle, I was … Continue reading