BlogHer Is Officially Over, Except That It's Never Really Over

Mamacita says:  The day after Christmas BlogHer is always hard for me. A full year of intense anticipation, building up to an amazing flash of fun, love, learning, friends, and hearty partying educational experiences of many descriptions, and then BLAH, … Continue reading

BlogHer, Blackberries, Amtrak, and Twitter. Oh My.

Mamacita says:  Before I forget, click HERE and laugh.  I do love humor that requires a lot of prior knowledge.  This cartoon almost made me wet my pants.  Almost.  ALMOST.  Shut up. Before I really calmed all the way down … Continue reading

Oh BlogHer, BlogHer, I Love You More Than CANDY!

Mamacita says:  Last July, I went to the BlogHer conference;  I couldn’t find enough positive things to say about the experience!  I had a wonderful time.  I met wonderful people. I did wonderful things. This coming July, I’m going again.  … Continue reading

BlogHer 09 Will Be In Chicago! Let's ALL Go This Year!

Mamacita says:  As my beloved George Carlin would say, “BULLETIN bulletin bulletin bulletin BULLETIN bulletin bulletin bulletin bulletin. . . .” BlogHer 09 will be in Chicago this next summer – July 24-25 – and I can’t WAIT! I sincerely … Continue reading