BlogHer 09 Will Be In Chicago! Let's ALL Go This Year!

Mamacita says:  As my beloved George Carlin would say, “BULLETIN bulletin bulletin bulletin BULLETIN bulletin bulletin bulletin bulletin. . . .”

BlogHer '09 In Real Life

BlogHer 09 will be in Chicago this next summer – July 24-25 – and I can’t WAIT! I sincerely hope to see or meet as many of you as possible on that weekend.

I’ve been to BlogHer twice now, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it was a weekend of nonstop indescribable fun and invaluable learning.  I may even have said, out loud and in front of people, that it was more fun than, um,  other things that are usually more fun.  And I meant it!!!  Yes, BlogHer was THAT MUCH FUN!

For me, the best part was meeting so many of the bloggers I’d only been reading before.   I’m still reading them, of course, but now I have a face and personality to put with the words. It really makes a difference, you know.  I loved my precious Monty and Fausta and Kimberley and Jenn and Elisa before, and now I love them even more.  I will also say that Monty doesn’t snore, nor does she kick in bed.  🙂  There was real poetry potential in those last few sentences, but I’m too tired to take advantage of it.

Besides, now that BlogHer is in my head, I absolutely can’t wait to see these lovely people again.  It’s 8 months away – some people will get pregnant and have the baby before it happens – but I’m really happy that BlogHer has told us where and when already, because that gives me time to try and save up enough money to go, and it also gives me that much more time to anticipate and to delight in the anticipation.

BlogHer was such a positive experience for me, in every possible way, and I really, really hope more of you will go this next time.   More on this topic later.  Lots more.  I CAN’T WAIT!  CHICAGO in JULY!

BlogHer is for women of all ages, too.  No matter what your status, there is something for you at BlogHer.

And now I really have to get dressed and get to class.  The only reason I’m wearing clothes right now is because as I was sitting here typing away, the Schwann’s guy rang my doorbell, and I didn’t want to horrify him into a seizure.  Yes, I am THAT WORTHLESS on Mondays.

But I’m meeting my husband in twenty minutes for an early supper, and I have to drop those six pounds of fudge off at the Youth for Christ building downtown, so I’ll leave you now and make myself presentable enough to appear in public.

I hope I can get BlogHer out of my mind long enough to teach my class tonight.  Every time I think about it, my mind wanders to Chicago and I can feel myself smiling at what must appear to be nothing to someone looking at me.

Monty!  Fausta!  Jenn!  Everybody and everything BlogHer!  I’m going to see you in July!

By then, I’ll love y’all even more!


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