Christmas Cookies: Madonna Style

Mamacita says: During the ordinary course of the year, the cookie cutters live in this wonderful cookie jar given to me by my brother the Christmas before my wedding.  He was in high school, but Dr. Steven Byers always did … Continue reading

Audio-Visual was Cutting Edge, and the Projectionists Ran the School. And NASA.

Mamacita says:  Remember the expression “audio-visual?”  Remember the group of kids whose free period each day was given over to the library, and specifically to run the projectors?  16mm movies?  Reel-to-reel sound recordings?  Filmstrip projectors?  (BEEP.  Advance.  BEEP.  Advance. . … Continue reading

Halloween is Rocky Horror Time!

Mamacita says: “Great Scott!” Halloween has been and gone but it’s still THAT SEASON, which means many things, one of which is that I have a giant bowl half-filled with Tootsie Roll Pops and Hershey bars on my coffee table, … Continue reading

Pogue Ma'Hone, YET Again. AND Again.

Mamacita says: May you be buried in a casket made from the wood of a 100 year old oak That I shall plant tomorrow. Oh, tis a wondrous thing to be Irish, although the same could not be said earlier … Continue reading

If You Love Something, Give It Away: The Maestro Program

Mamacita says:  A huge thank-you to Super Cool School for posting this video. Billy Madison‘s speech made everyone in the room dumber, but  Itay Talgam not only makes the world smarter: he makes the world smile.  Somehow, watching this gentleman … Continue reading

Happy Hallowe'en. Eat Up. Sing Along. Read Up. Jerk Down. Smash. Freeze. Blow Up. Enjoy.

Mamacita says: Of course, you all probably already know that if you mix candy corn and salted peanuts together in a big bowl, you’ve got handfuls of PayDay bar goodness. Peanuts are a meat substitute, and candy corn is pretty … Continue reading