Blogging: My First Love Is Also My Current Love

Mamacita says:  Some people are saying that blogging is dead – that Facebook, Twitter, and PInterest, which are faster and shorter and easier, are taking over the social media movable feast. Not for me.   It is quite true that … Continue reading

Blogging: My First Love is Also My Current Love

Mamacita says:  Facebook, Twitter, and PInterest are taking up much of my former blogging time, but you know something. . . . popular and fun and useful as other aspects of social media might be, my first love is also … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

Mamacita says: 1.  Today was the first day of summer session.  So far, so good; my students seem very nice. 2.  I might be falling in love with “my” treadmill at the gym. 3.  The tractor is fixed, and the … Continue reading

WordCamp Chicago: So Far, So GREAT

Mamacita says:  Wordcamp Chicago is FANTASTIC! I truly enjoyed -and learned a ton of stuff from – all of the presentations today. Well, except for one, but I’m not mentioning anybody by name unless I have good things to say. … Continue reading

Things I Haven't Done Yet

Mamacita says:  I’m really not a very cool or adventurous person, and many of the things I’ve never done are done every day by most people.  I get that “raised eyebrow oh really” face from others, a lot.  Sigh. 1.  … Continue reading