WordCamp Chicago: So Far, So GREAT

Mamacita says:  Wordcamp Chicago is FANTASTIC! I truly enjoyed -and learned a ton of stuff from – all of the presentations today. Well, except for one, but I’m not mentioning anybody by name unless I have good things to say. Yeah, I’m just nice like that. Shut up.  I’m NICE, dammit dear me, yes.

The meet-ups began, for me, last night, as several of us got together for dinner at the Carnivale restaurant – thank you, Micah, for making the reservation for us! You need proof? I got your proof right here:


From left to right, we are: Micah Baldwin, Jeremy Wright, Melissa Feeney, Aidan Nulman, Jim Turner, and me.  That’s a sweater fold, by the way, not my gut.  I swear, it’s a sweater fold!

These people are all a lot cooler than I am, so my coolness factor surely rose a couple of degrees by dint of hanging out with them?  Didn’t it?

Maybe from zero to, say, 2?  Out of a hundred?

My only whine – but ite were memorable – was that there was no way to handily charge up my laptop’s battery, and by the time I was able to get online at the conference, I only had a few minutes left on it!  They’re working overtime to fix the connection problem, so tomorrow will no doubt be fine.  If it’s not, y’all will hear about it again.  Brace yourselves.

Conference grade for today:  9.8

I had to deduct a small percentage for the connection problem.  I’m far too classy to deduct for the speaker who made me laugh internally, and not because it was intentional.

Fun rocks.  I love fun.


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