Quotation Saturday: Cats

Mamacita says: I love cats. They are essential to my happiness. Such small, soft, dainty, playful little creatures, and yet they control the workings of the universe and rule over all they encounter, often when we don’t even realize what’s … Continue reading

“Me” Magazine. You Know You’d Read It.

Mamacita says:  I agree. When my kids were little, I used to subscribe to several parenting magazines, and few if any of my problems were ever featured anywhere in there. Maybe on the joke page, but never in an article … Continue reading

I Am Not A Crazy Cat Lady. Yet.

Mamacita says:  I see no real harm is a cat in the kitchen unless it walks across your plate.  Or sheds a lot.  Or thinks it’s a human and demands its own place setting and chair, but I can deal … Continue reading

Profanity vs. Obscenity

Warning: proceed no further if you’re one of those overly sensitive types who is easily offended.  You’re no fun, by the way. == Mamacita says:  Grammar.  I love grammar.  It’s such a fantastic segue to. . . well, pretty much … Continue reading

The Kraken: Released

I have no sense of feng shui.  I wish I did.  Sometimes I pretend I do, but I’m always found out by people who really do have it.  Ask my sisters. I’ve always thought that a person’s home should represent … Continue reading