A Sympathetic Reply to Your Email, Student Dear.

Mamacita says:  Now ordinarily, as anyone who knows me already knows, I’m a firm believer in staying up late and sleeping in, whenever possible.  When I think of all those exhausted teens being dragged from their beds because some early-bird … Continue reading

You People Make My Ass Twitch

Mamacita says:  Bonus points if you know the source of the title.  It’s one of my favorites! Perhaps it’s just because I’m a humorless old woman with no life, but I honestly do think that deciding to sleep in on … Continue reading

I'm Up Now, Though

Mamacita says:  Sometimes, the exhaustion kind of catches up with me, and I don’t really sleep, as such.  I lie in my bed in a kind of coma, disturbed by nothing, hearing nothing, barely moving (so I’ve been told) until … Continue reading