Sunday Songlist, Territory, and the. . . . RED PEN

Mamacita says:  the weekend is almost over – indeed, on Sunday afternoon, the weekend is as good as over because that’s when the depression starts, although it’s not as bad as it used to be.  More than anything else, it’s … Continue reading

Sunday Songlist

Mamacita says:  The cd jukebox has been set on “random” all day, and since it’s full of showtunes (original cast, of course)  today’s random playlist looked like this: 1.  Out Of My Dreams 2.  If I Loved You 3.  Another … Continue reading

Sunday Songlist and Singalong

Mamacita says:  Hub is still in the hospital, although he hopes to come home tomorrow.  He loves to have visitors, if you’re in the area.  I’m getting ready to drive back up there in just a few minutes. I’ve been … Continue reading

Sunday Songlist and Singalong

I’m sitting at my computer – as usual – with my music file set on random.  As usual, the playlist is a bit odd, but that’s the way I like it.  Even when I make a playlist myself, the selections, … Continue reading