Quotation Saturday: Behavior

Mamacita says:  Behavior.  It’s on my mind.   Watching a mother allow her child to play roughly with an unpaid-for toy throughout the store, then discarding it at the checkout without paying for the damage, disgusted me, and I mentioned it … Continue reading

Dear Parents: I Like Your Kid

Mamacita says:  Parents have a right to be kept informed about their child’s progress in school, and we all know that the students themselves are NOT good message-deliverers.  Phone calls can be awkward and time-consuming; email is excellent for those … Continue reading

Why Do It Be: That So Many Adults Are Scum. . . .

Mamacita says:  Spring Break is over for me and just beginning for other people, so naturally I’m, to quote Jimmy Fallon, BOTHERED. Oh, not really.  I love my job.  All of them, in fact. In honor of my love for … Continue reading

Soft Heart and Iron Will

Mamacita says: Dear students who blew off midterms last week: I foresee dark and stormy days ahead for you. . . . I predict that something difficult and complicated will loom before you, messing up your social life and playing … Continue reading