Quotation Saturday: The Universe, Unfolding

Mamacita says:  You don’t need a big, strong telescope to see wonders in the night sky, you know.   All the ancients had was their eyes, and since the air was unpolluted and without the interference of electric lights, they could … Continue reading

The World At Large. And At Small.

Mamacita says:  I tend to stress and focus here on people who are, let us euphemistically say,  somewhat less than nice, or less than hardworking, or less than considerate, etc.  Let’s face it:  those are the people who “stand out” … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Short Quotes

Mamacita says:  I’ve got short things on my mind these days: short stories, shortbread, summer shorts, coming up short, playing shortstop, the short stack at Denny’s, the IRS’ short form. . . and other short things even I think are … Continue reading

Scheiss Weekly: Age Six

Mamacita says:  I’ve been blogging for six years now, and it has changed me.  Even the way I blogged in the beginning has changed.  I think that part has changed for a lot of people. When most of us first … Continue reading

Time's A'Wastin'

Mamacita says:  I posted this four years ago, but nothing much has changed.  I wish it had.  I hate “giving” bad grades, but if a student doesn’t come to class and give me proof of mastery, what else can I … Continue reading