Quotation Saturday: Censorship

Mamacita says:  If I owned the biggest and best thesaurus in the universe, I still would not be able to find a word accurate enough to fully express my disgust and loathing of censorship, nor of the mentality of those … Continue reading

Intercourse, Asses, and Dwarves in Gay Apparel

Mamacita says:  I loathe euphemisms and most political correctness.  They cheapen the language. Euphemisms and PC are a kind of censorship, and censorship is the action of a weak, fearful,  and ignorant mind.  Smart people understand that many words have … Continue reading

Things I Still Haven't Done Yet

Mamacita says: Oh, I am such a backwards, provincial thing! 1.  I still have never used an ATM machine.  I have a feeling it might be a detrimental skill for me to learn. 2.  I still have never watched a … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Heroes

Mamacita says:  Heroes are all around us. We don’t know who they are until something happens and they leap into action. Ironically, the heroes don’t know they’re heroes until something happens, either. We all hope that we’ll react heroically, but … Continue reading

24-Hour Telethon to Help the People of Haiti

Mamacita says:  Let’s all use the power of social media to help the people of Haiti!  Tune in to One by One Media’s 24-hour telethon via WhatGives.com beginning TONIGHT and do what we can. Our dear friend and mentor Jim … Continue reading

Public Behavior: Ma Says To Rein It In, Kids!

Mamacita says:  Caroline Lake Quiner Ingalls knew how to raise her children so that they would know how to behave themselves properly no matter where they might find themselves. In Little Town on the Prairie, a teen-aged Laura is invited … Continue reading