24-Hour Telethon to Help the People of Haiti

HaitiTelethonHART2Mamacita says:  Let’s all use the power of social media to help the people of Haiti!  Tune in to One by One Media’s 24-hour telethon via WhatGives.com beginning TONIGHT and do what we can. Our dear friend and mentor Jim Turner, AKA Genuine, is the man behind the telethon; his post here at One by One Media gives us all some insight into his motivation for doing this.

It’s easy to get a mind-fix that these catastrophes usually happen far away to people we don’t know, but the fact is, we’re all in this together.  Today, it’s someone else who needs help; tomorrow, it could be us, right here.

Let the good that we do come back to us.  And even if it doesn’t, let’s do it anyway.

Tune in tonight and tomorrow to the Haiti Assistance Relief Telethon. Listen.  Call in.  Do what you can.  On Twitter, look for the hashtag #HART

You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. — John Wooden


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