Happy New Year 2010

Mamacita says: Happy New Year to all of my Blogosphere friends. We’ll be spending New Year’s Eve, as we have done for the past many, many years, with our best friends, playing euchre far into the night and talking about … Continue reading

. . . and Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will

Mamacita says:  Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Fruitful Kwanzaa. Happy Holidays. Peaceful December. Happy Solstice. Please pick one, or two, and apply them to yourself and to your family. Christmas Eve is such a magical time. It’s all ahead of us, … Continue reading

Let Your Kids Make Their Own Trees!

Mamacita says: This was too good NOT to share!  What a fantastic activity for kids at any time, but especially during holiday season! Just think of all the lessons we can sneak in, with this activity! Holidays, following directions, scissor … Continue reading

Quality Television? Bring Back Variety Shows!

Mamacita says:  Do you know what I miss, especially at this time of the year? Variety shows. Those weekly shows hosted by Ed Sullivan, Andy Williams, The Smothers Brothers, Sonny and Cher, Glen Campbell, Dean Martin, Carol Burnett, Perry Como, … Continue reading