Let Your Kids Make Their Own Trees!

Mamacita says: This was too good NOT to share!  What a fantastic activity for kids at any time, but especially during holiday season!

Just think of all the lessons we can sneak in, with this activity! Holidays, following directions, scissor usage, where paper comes from, recycling. . . . I’m SO using this one with my summer program this year!

Thanks again, Steve Spangler. Teachers and parents can always count on you to give us wonderful ideas for our children.

In fact, it’s not just kids who love Spangler Science “stuff,” either. My college students have had their share of wonder, and I haven’t met an adult yet who wasn’t fascinated!

This “tree” activity is free and simple and fun and educational. Just make sure your children are old enough to handle scissors safely, and if they aren’t, let them watch YOU do it! That moment of making/watching the tree grow will help instill a sense of magic and wonder and desire to find out HOW and WHY and WHAT IF and shouldn’t those be a goal of any and every lesson?

This would be an excellent annual Christmas Eve activity, wouldn’t it. Why not gather up some of those old newspapers, grab a roll of tape and some scissors, and have some fun with your kids tonight?

I recommend that all teachers and parents sign up for Spangler’s Experiment of the Week; you’ll get a new experiment – every detail of it – in your inbox every week. Your kids will blow the Science Fair out of the water!

Did I mention that it’s free? All Spangler videos and instructions are free. Absolutely, positively, 100% free, and with no obligations to buy anything. Most online instructors, particularly the science guys, charge for their knowledge and experience, but Steve Spangler gives it away. Yes, he’s got an awesome catalog where you can purchase a lot of his amazing science toys and more complicated experiments, etc, but the bulk of what he offers our children is free. FREE.

I’ve met Steve Spangler. He’s the most enthusiastic and sincere instructor I’ve ever encountered, and his passion for our children’s understanding of and excitement for the wonders of the universe is unsurpassed by anyone in my considerable experience. Take advantage of what this man has to offer your family, my friends.

I stand behind every word I’ve said here. That’s considerable bulk, my dears.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve. Make trees with your children. Hang ’em from the ceiling! (The trees, not the kids.) Decorate them. Make party decorations. This activity is a great show-and-tell for your kids, too. Why not encourage your children to share what they’ve learned with other kids? Our children are bursting to learn and share, if only we give them the outlets!

No, not THAT kind of outlet. Keep their fingers AWAY from them.

If I tell you that my kitchen is now covered with newspaper trees, you wouldn’t be a bit surprised, wouldya. Nobody here was, either. In fact, the little neighbor kids are coming over here in a few hours to make trees with me. They’re used to me by now, but it’s still a surprise for their parents every time.

Science is awesome. Too bad most school systems don’t think so. But then, if science were important, it would be TESTED, now wouldn’t it. But you really don’t want to get me started on that. Not at Christmas.

Have fun! Post pictures!!! I’d LOVE to see your kids’ newspaper trees!


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