Good Business, Bad Business, Monkey Business, Laura's Business

Mamacita says:  Laura Ingalls Wilder’s wonderful semi-autobiographical Little House series contains some of my very favorite titles of all time.  If you don’t have the complete set in your home, TELL Santa Claus to bring it, and no two ways … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

Mamacita says: 1. I do not like this holiday overlap so prevalent today, yet my tree is up and ready. Inconsistency, thy name is Jane. 2. I host Thanksgiving for my family, and I look forward to it with an … Continue reading

If You Love Something, Give It Away: The Maestro Program

Mamacita says:  A huge thank-you to Super Cool School for posting this video. Billy Madison‘s speech made everyone in the room dumber, but  Itay Talgam not only makes the world smarter: he makes the world smile.  Somehow, watching this gentleman … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Stupidity

Mamacita says:  What’s that?  STUPIDITY?  How intensely politically incorrect! Gotta love something that’s politically incorrect!  Well, I do, anyway.  Euphemisms are for the weak.  Euphemisms cheapen our language, and draw our attention away from important things. 1. Two things are … Continue reading

Dear Parents: Every Child Deserves An Audience. Stay In Your Seat. And Shut Up.

Mamacita says:  I’ve posted about this subject before, but with the approach of holiday season, it’s on my mind again, so I’ve written a new post about this same thing. We’re tired.  We work all day and in the evenings, … Continue reading