Quotation Saturday: Hallowe'en

Mamacita says:  It’s Hallowe’en, and I’m ready. Big bowl of filled treat bags for little kids:  check. Big bowl of filled treat bags for bigger kids:  check. Big jar of assorted body parts:  check. Skulls:  check Pumpkins:  check. Forty googly-zillion … Continue reading

Happy Hallowe'en. Eat Up. Sing Along. Read Up. Jerk Down. Smash. Freeze. Blow Up. Enjoy.

Mamacita says: Of course, you all probably already know that if you mix candy corn and salted peanuts together in a big bowl, you’ve got handfuls of PayDay bar goodness. Peanuts are a meat substitute, and candy corn is pretty … Continue reading

Social Media: An Innovative Way To Complete an Assignment

Mamacita says:  I have long been a fan of Chris Brogan, and now I think I might love him madly. As a teacher, I am always on the lookout for new and better things to do, and for  better ways … Continue reading

Things I Haven't Done Yet

Mamacita says:  I’m listening to Straight No Chaser, and it’s impossible to be completely whiny when those blazingly, almost impossibly, talented guys are singing straight to me and me only. . . . I know they’re big stuff now, and … Continue reading

Crabby Appleton Lives Here

Mamacita says:  I am very grouchy tonight. I’m not sure why – yes, I do* – but I’m really flashbacking to one parent conference after another: conferences that took place eight and ten and more years ago, even.  What the … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: It's All About MEEEEEEEE! (Selfishness)

Mamacita says:  Everybody is selfish on occasion; it’s human nature to want to “feel good,” and “look out for Number One” and think things like “this is best for ME,” and “I won’t share my candy!” and “It’s all for … Continue reading