Quotation Saturday: Let Us Help One Another

Mamacita says:  Sometimes it takes a major catastrophe to remind us that we are all living on the same planet; that we all have the same basic needs; that the entire universe is based on Six Degrees of Separation; that … Continue reading

Rambles With No Easy Answers

Mamacita says:  Women who had difficult labors probably hate me already right now, but I’ll go ahead and make it worse: I loved being pregnant. I felt GREAT. Even when I was sitting still, doing nothing, I was still doing … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Shades of the Past!

Mamacita says:  “Shades of the past” is an expression I occasionally use.  I’ve said it several times these past holiday weeks, in fact.  So I thought, well, why not use it as the theme for this week’s Quotation Saturday? I … Continue reading

Limited-Vocabulary Readers are the Devil. Yes, THAT Devil.

Mamacita says:  I don’t think there are any words coined yet that would adequately describe the complete and total loathing I have for simplified, edited versions of good books. I’ve heard quadrillions of elementary teachers argue that small children learn … Continue reading

Jelly Marbles – Clear Spheres – Home Decor – Live Plants

Mamacita says:  Those green marbles aren’t really marbles at all; they’re jelly marbles.  Clear spheres.  You’re looking at a clear glass vase that is about a foot tall.  I put a pinch of water jelly crystals in it, and added … Continue reading