Seven Things I Love

Obi’s Sister has tagged me for a meme.  It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and I will have to say that not only do I learn things about my friends that I honestly didn’t know before; … Continue reading

BlogHer Is Officially Over, Except That It's Never Really Over

Mamacita says:  The day after Christmas BlogHer is always hard for me. A full year of intense anticipation, building up to an amazing flash of fun, love, learning, friends, and hearty partying educational experiences of many descriptions, and then BLAH, … Continue reading

I Love You BlogHer, Oh Yes I Dooooooooo. . . .

Mamacita says:  I’m going to BlogHer this weekend and honestly, I really can’t be arsed to think about anything else!  (Sorry, students.  Good luck on your final, etc. etc.) This will be my third BlogHer, and I feel as excited … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Schools

Mamacita says:  My opinion on the current state of the average American public school system is very low, and yet in spite of my growing disillusionment with rules, regulations, toleration of bad behavior and attitudes, politics, willful ignorance in both … Continue reading

John Orman, 1949-2009

Mamacita says: Way over in Connecticut, one of Fairfield University’s most beloved professors of all time has died. Those of you who are into the political scene may remember John Orman as the man who challenged Senator Joseph Lieberman for … Continue reading

BlogHer, Blackberries, Amtrak, and Twitter. Oh My.

Mamacita says:  Before I forget, click HERE and laugh.  I do love humor that requires a lot of prior knowledge.  This cartoon almost made me wet my pants.  Almost.  ALMOST.  Shut up. Before I really calmed all the way down … Continue reading