Six Word Saturday

Mamacita says:  Six Word Saturday is like a teeny tiny Twitter: it forces me to say “it” in a precise and stripped-down way.  Thank you, Show My Face. You don’t know me, but I found you on Magical Mystical Teacher. … Continue reading

You're Not The Boss of Me.

Mamacita says:  I think, sometimes anyway, that it’s when my students get into hot and heavy “discussions” – most of which I jump into as well, that I like my job the best.  The public school discouraged discussion; there were … Continue reading

Thises and Thats, Part 799

Mamacita says:  I would be very grateful indeed if you would go look at my review on this here other blog and comment.  Please?  I do not do paid reviews on this blog, as it is my personal journal and … Continue reading

It Ain't Just Toddlers Who Melt Down

Mamacita says:  After a summer of rationalization and whining, I finally did get the yard work done today.  I feel so much better about my home when the lawn looks nice.  I do not want to be “THOSE people” when … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: On Sunday, and From Hoosiers

Mamacita says:  I just got back from BlogIndiana a couple of hours ago, and I think I’m going through withdrawal. Hanging out with a large group of awesome people who understand the jargon and purpose of social media and blogging … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

Mamacita says:  It’s hard to type with a cat curled up on the keyboard. 1.  My two cats follow me all over the house, and lie down to nap only when I sit.  They fight over who gets to nap … Continue reading