It Ain't Just Toddlers Who Melt Down

Mamacita says:  After a summer of rationalization and whining, I finally did get the yard work done today.  I feel so much better about my home when the lawn looks nice.  I do not want to be “THOSE people” when it comes to my lawn. I also HATE the sensation of wet grass slapping me on the backs of my knees.

The problem is, we have several acres and we’re both lazy.

Another problem is, I seem to be the only person who lives in this house who gives a tinker’s dam about the yard.  Sigh.

So here I sit, happy as a lark because my grass is cut and the weeds have been trimmed around the planters.  I hadn’t even realized that most of the flowers were dead – that’s how bad the weeds were and how much I needed to TRIM!

I also found out what can happen when you let the weeds get really tall and then you go after them with a psychotic weed-eater with cannibalistic tendencies.  I despise my weed-eater.  I never use it but it hurts me badly – I’m talking deep gashes and blood, friends.  My left leg now matches my right leg in terms of weed-eater slashes.  I also found out that really tall weeds are weed-eater-wannabees, and will slash your leg as badly as ever an out-of-control weed-eater can slash, when the weed-eater starts whipping them around.

I have only a few days of vacation left now, and as usual I’m trying to do a summer’s worth of chores in one week.  And, as usual, it’s making me crazy.  I may have had a meltdown after the weed-eater cord broke that 24th time in less than a half hour this afternoon; I’m not really sure what I said, but the look on my husband’s face helped calm me down.  I think.  Anyway, I finally threw the weed-eater into the garage, called it obscene names, and kicked it put the weed-eater away and got the riding mower back out. A few hundred laps around the acreage and I felt a lot better.

So anyway –look, no “s” ! – I’ll be going back to school on Monday with a nicely mown lawn to come back home to. I’m also badly sunburned, my fingers are blistered and raw from the constant taking apart and putting-back-together of the blankety-blank weedeater cord thing, I’m slashed and bleeding and still pulling out splinters, and I’m covered from head to foot with gigantic chigger bites. What a nice way to start the school year!

At least, at the college level the students won’t point and laugh. They’ll just take pictures with their cell phones and text the sight all over the known universe.

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