I Love You BlogHer, Oh Yes I Dooooooooo. . . .

bh09-125-uncensoredMamacita says:  I’m going to BlogHer this weekend and honestly, I really can’t be arsed to think about anything else!  (Sorry, students.  Good luck on your final, etc. etc.)

This will be my third BlogHer, and I feel as excited about it and possessive of it as if I actually had something to do with it!

I know I’ll be meeting a lot of new people and I’ll adore them.  I know I’ll be seeing a lot of people I already know, and I already adore them.  I suppose that in a group this ginormous, composed mostly – yes, men go to BlogHer!  (Hi, Karl) – of women, there are bound to be a few bitches unfriendly ones, but I haven’t encountered any of THOSE yet. So far, everybody connected with or going to BlogHer has been fantastic, and I’m not exaggerating in the least.

Some women are wasting a lot of time obsessing worrying about what to wear to BlogHer. They’re worrying about shoes, and hair, and they’re running around spending a lot of money buying new clothes. Do they really think we’re a bunch of judgmental Runway people at BlogHer? Oh, sure, there are a lot of young things with fashion on their minds, but really, BlogHer is for women who blog, and women who blog come in a LOT of different shapes, sizes, personalities, and inclinations. They’re ALL equally cool, so plan to venture out from the herd and meet all kinds of people! Wear comfy shoes and your jeans.  And a shirt, duh.  Bring a sweater; those conference venues are always cold.

Me, personally. . . my inclination is to go to BlogHer and have fun, learn things, hug a lot of people, participate in everything, see people I don’t see anywhere else, run around the sessions with a microphone and look important, laugh a lot, let my hair down, and get drunk, say dreadful things that will frighten and enlighten the masses, and be the ME that stays hidden all the rest of the year take a lot of pictures. A LOT of pictures!!!!!!

Is “hilariate” a word? No? Well, it is now. I want to hilariate people at BlogHer.

Hilariate: to make people smile. Laugh, even. To be funny enough to be remembered afterwards, and not in a condescending way.

Yes, that’s it. I want to hilariate people at BlogHer.

Seriously, though, BlogHers: find me. Let’s trade cards. I’m nice, really I am, in spite of my inability to suffer fools gladly. There won’t be any fools at BlogHer. Just blogging women, and blogging women are a force to be taken seriously.

See y’all in a couple of days. It’ll be better than Christmas, really it will. Santa never brought you the ginormous stack of swag you’ll be getting, and your holiday reunion never had so many awesomely great people attending.

You’ll find out. Sunday night, you’ll all be telling the world you never had such a grand time in your entire life. Yes, counting THOSE times.

P.S.  I’m taking the train.  The plane was three hundred bucks and Amtrak was 24 dollars.  I was never a pro coupon shopper or anything, but I think that’s a bit of a difference.


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