My Semi-Pornographic Love Affair With Grammar

Mamacita says:  I love a good turn of phrase. I can be swept off my feet by it. I can be swayed and influenced and converted and my vote can be purchased and my virginity can be compromised. . . … Continue reading

Political? Maybe. Analogy? Possibly.

Mamacita says:  Some of you might think this post is a political analogy.  You might be right; then again, you might not.  Use your own judgment. One of my college boyfriends was diagnosed with cancer. The tumor was small, at … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Randominities

Mamacita says:  Some people don’t like quotations. “They’re not original!” or some such, blahblahblah. I like a good quotation. They make me more original.   A good quotation is a thought made sharable. I’ve been collecting quotations since I was in … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Our Presidents Speak

Mamacita says: Before I say anything else, I want to send a huge, grateful shout-out to Mocha Momma!  You should all be reading her blog anyway, because she’s great, but add to all that, I’ve won a laptop from her … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Schools

Mamacita says:  My opinion on the current state of the average American public school system is very low, and yet in spite of my growing disillusionment with rules, regulations, toleration of bad behavior and attitudes, politics, willful ignorance in both … Continue reading

John Orman, 1949-2009

Mamacita says: Way over in Connecticut, one of Fairfield University’s most beloved professors of all time has died. Those of you who are into the political scene may remember John Orman as the man who challenged Senator Joseph Lieberman for … Continue reading