Mamacita says:  My adored Tumorless Sister was attacked by a drunk wielding a vehicle the other day, and I am struggling, struggling, with the intense and immense hatred I feel for this driver.  I hate it that he has made … Continue reading

Up, Up, and AWAY!

Mamacita says:  I’m leaving tomorrow to visit my brother and his family for a week, so I’ve tried to fill the refrigerator with all kinds of goodies.  I know it’s stupid,  because my husband is an excellent cook and is … Continue reading

Things I Haven't Done Yet

Mamacita says: 1.  Family snapshots are still strewn all over the living room floor.  They’ll be there until the family gets here to go through them.  A word of advice:  label all of your pictures while you still remember names … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

Mamacita says: 1.  Why does every packaged food item contain so much sodium?  It’s ridiculous!  Even the supposedly “diet” or “healthy” stuff is loaded full of salt.  I’m serious; why IS that? It’s really difficult – and in most cases, … Continue reading

Great Things, One Of Which Is ME!

Mamacita says:  As of around 10 this morning, I am now a Great Aunt.  Yes, “great” as in “awesome.”  And, she said with a sigh, “great” as in “Criminy, I’m old.”  My Other Sister is now a grandmother.  Tumorless Sister … Continue reading