There Really Were Pickles. I Saw Them.

Mamacita says:  We went to Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve today, and it was spooky, stark, and awesome!  More later, with pictures. Had lunch at Pickle’s Place in Arco.  It was delish.  My sister-in-law got the signature … Continue reading

Things I Haven't Done Yet

Mamacita says: 1.  I haven’t run the sweeper since the Christmas tree fell.  There are fake green “needles” all over the house. 2.  I haven’t dived into the bowl of half-price Hershey miniature candy bars yet. Um, never mind. 3.  … Continue reading

Great Things, One Of Which Is ME!

Mamacita says:  As of around 10 this morning, I am now a Great Aunt.  Yes, “great” as in “awesome.”  And, she said with a sigh, “great” as in “Criminy, I’m old.”  My Other Sister is now a grandmother.  Tumorless Sister … Continue reading