Excitement Makes Me Itch

Mamacita says:  I’ve got an exciting few weeks coming up, what with Science in the Rockies and BlogHer and a Grogan family reunion in the lineup.  I’m going to be seeing people I haven’t seen in a year, meeting fabulous … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Cats

Mamacita says:  I love cats.  They are essential to my happiness.  Such small, soft, dainty, playful little creatures, and yet they control the workings of the universe and rule over all they encounter, often when we don’t even realize what’s … Continue reading

The REAL Valedictorian vs. the Kid Who Gets To Make the Speech

Mamacita says:  It will always be incomprehensible to me that the valedictorian of a graduating class is, in so many public school sytems, selected after only seven semesters.  The administration’s excuse is usually something about totaling up scores, figuring up … Continue reading

There Really Were Pickles. I Saw Them.

Mamacita says:  We went to Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve today, and it was spooky, stark, and awesome!  More later, with pictures. Had lunch at Pickle’s Place in Arco.  It was delish.  My sister-in-law got the signature … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: The Movies!

Mamacita says:  Sometimes we hear a line or two from a movie, and we remember that line or two long after we’ve forgotten everything else about the movie. Sometimes that remembered line helps us remember other things about a movie, … Continue reading

Best Dentist!

Mamacita says:  Check this out, teachers and parents and critics who go bump in the night! The Best Dentist By John Taylor, Superintendent, Lancaster County School District, South Carolina My dentist is great! He sends me reminders so I don’t forget … Continue reading