Excitement Makes Me Itch

Mamacita says:  I’ve got an exciting few weeks coming up, what with Science in the Rockies and BlogHer and a Grogan family reunion in the lineup.  I’m going to be seeing people I haven’t seen in a year, meeting fabulous wonderful people I’ve been dying to meet for ages, and hanging out with cousins I adore, so naturally I’m doing my usually Blind Panic Waltz.  This summer’s Blind Panic Waltz overture is brought to you by Black and Decker,  which has been trying to kill me for years and might still succeed since I weedeaterhaven’t got the sense to stay out of the weeds.

Oh, the weed eater didn’t slash me this time – it seems there’s this little thing called a “guard” that you’re supposed to include when you put the thing together, who knew? –  but I do have me a real talent for finding and liquifying large batches of poison ivy, splattering the essence all over myself and pretty much guaranteeing disfigurement for PEOPLE to see.  I generally do this right before something wonderful, wherein I really, really want to make a good impression on people I totally adore even before I meet them, and even more so after I do.  What I inevitably do is make people scratch their own heads and wonder where in the world I could have gotten St. Vitus Dance in this day and age.

I’m so excited about Science in the Rockies and BlogHer and seeing the Grogans that I can’t even sleep at night.  Airplanes, trains, and right in my own home!  I love people!  I love learning things!  I love everything right now, honestly.

Except my weedeater.                                                                                                                                                   cat

See you soon.  I’ll be the big blonde chick standing in the corner trying not to scratch.


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