Wallowing in Nostalgia

Mamacita says:  I don’t know why I’ve been wallowing in nostalgia lately, but I might as well go the whole route and talk about the day I became an adult.  This has nothing to do with the day I grew … Continue reading

Comparison Shopping: WalMart vs. KMart

Mamacita sayis:  This town has a WalMart and a K-mart. The WalMart is always packed to the gills, with screaming undisciplined (boooo, the worst kind!) children running rampant, and old people blocking the skinny aisles with their conversations, two cashiers … Continue reading

Best Dentist!

Mamacita says:  Check this out, teachers and parents and critics who go bump in the night! The Best Dentist By John Taylor, Superintendent, Lancaster County School District, South Carolina My dentist is great! He sends me reminders so I don’t forget … Continue reading