Why Do We Put Up With These People?

   Mamacita says:  If someone could please tell me why we should continue to put up with, ie enable, adults who feel they’ve somehow got a right to be jerks in public, I’d appreciate knowing. I’m not talking about people … Continue reading

Ten Things I Still Haven't Done Yet

Mamacita says: Here are Ten Things I Haven’t Done Yet.  Still.  At this point, why hurry? 1.  I still haven’t ever used an ATM machine.  Someone told me you had to put money in there to get money out.  Well, … Continue reading

It's Teacher Appreciation Time!

Mamacita says:  School will be out soon, for those of you with kids, and even those of you without your own kids will not be able to NOT notice all the children all over the place, during what used to … Continue reading

Things Nice People Already Know: Willy Wonka Had The Right Idea

Mamacita says:  I simply do not  comprehend the mentality of parents who view the toy department of a store as a daycare center for their children.  Sure, shopping is a lot easier without the kids, but unsupervised children tend to … Continue reading

Things Nice People Already Know

Mamacita says: 1.  If anyone in your family/group can’t behave properly in public, that person should be left at home.  Nice people don’t permit their children – or anyone else – to disturb others in public.  This applies to restaurants, … Continue reading

Great Things, One Of Which Is ME!

Mamacita says:  As of around 10 this morning, I am now a Great Aunt.  Yes, “great” as in “awesome.”  And, she said with a sigh, “great” as in “Criminy, I’m old.”  My Other Sister is now a grandmother.  Tumorless Sister … Continue reading