Say Hello to My Little Friend

Mamacita says:  This is a caffeine molecule. We hang out far too much.  I had thought about writing a humorous essay about how I’ve been known to drive to WalMart at 3 a.m. for Diet Coke because we were out … Continue reading

It's Teacher Appreciation Time!

Mamacita says:  School will be out soon, for those of you with kids, and even those of you without your own kids will not be able to NOT notice all the children all over the place, during what used to … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

The thunder is rolling and the lightning is flashing and smart people everywhere are turning OFF their computers but please notice:  I’m still writing at mine.  I’m not really addicted to it; I can quit any time. This Tuesday, my … Continue reading

Comparison Shopping: WalMart vs. KMart

Mamacita sayis:  This town has a WalMart and a K-mart. The WalMart is always packed to the gills, with screaming undisciplined (boooo, the worst kind!) children running rampant, and old people blocking the skinny aisles with their conversations, two cashiers … Continue reading