Things I Haven't Done Yet

Things I Haven't Done YetMamacita says:

1.  Family snapshots are still strewn all over the living room floor.  They’ll be there until the family gets here to go through them.  A word of advice:  label all of your pictures while you still remember names and dates.  You think you’ll always remember, but you won’t.

2.  There are very few good pictures of my father-in-law that we’ve ever seen, but while working in my mother-in-law’s garage yesterday, we found some excellent studio portraits of him in an old box.  I’m going to frame two of them, but I haven’t done it yet.  I did scan all of the pictures, so they’re showing up on my wireless picture frame, thanks to FrameChannel.

3.   My spring break is now over, and I’m more glad than sad.  I don’t get paid for spring break, and that week really hurt.  I do love sleeping in, though.  It’s nearly one in the morning, but I haven’t gone to bed yet.  It’s just not in me to go to bed early, or even want to.  When that day finally comes, I’ll know I’m old.  My funky body clock makes it difficult to get up early when I have to!  And tomorrow, I have to.

4.  Probate sure takes a long time in Indiana.  We’re still waiting.  I just hope they don’t shut off the utilities in my mother-in-law’s house before we can get her bills paid.  We can barely pay our own, and there’s no way we can pay hers, too.  Sigh.

5.  We’re going to fix up our family room downstairs into sort of an apartment.   Before we can do that, however, we have to pack up all those books.  Whew.  We’re talking THOUSANDS of books.  We’re not getting rid of them; we’re just moving them.  Neither of us could live in a house that wasn’t full of books, and we don’t think YOU should, either.

6.  I still haven’t put tomorrow’s lesson in my briefcase.  I know what it is; it’s just not packed yet.  My lessons are always thoroughly planned, unless it’s a day when they aren’t.  🙂

7.  My black cat, Millie, always manages to shed her collar and tag.  Her cousin, Vera, loves the bling, but Millie is a panther at heart, and yearns to run naked through the wilds.  Both cats really need to wear identifying tags in this community, but this time Millie outdid herself and we can’t find the collar OR the tag.  I’ll get her another, but I haven’t had time yet.  As for Millie – as I type this with one hand, she’s sleeping on top of my other hand.  She’s a one-woman feline, and I’m the woman.  Seriously?  I’m honored.

8.  I hate it when the bills pile up.  I especially hate it when I get the second bill before I’ve been able to pay the first one.  Those duns are so condescending.  But then, that’s how they pay the dun-writer to be, I guess.  We always pay, though.  We’ve never NOT paid.  We are people who pay our bills.  I wish businesses would have a nicer dun to send to people who’ve always paid, rather than send the same semi-nasty “I’m sure you have simply overlooked our previous bill” message.  In this day and age of computers, they’d know the difference, wouldn’t they?  Sigh.

9.  I haven’t started playing with my Tumorless Sister’s birthday present yet, but if she doesn’t get down here to claim it soon, I will.  I like it.  I like it a LOT.

10.  I will soon have a copper-colored sofa in the same room with a red wing chair.  Fortunately, I have never cared much about feng shui, other than that I have to LIKE it, to have it in my house.

I have to get up at 6:30, which is a lovely hour in which to GO to bed, but a ghastly hour in which to rise and go to work.  But when I work, I get PAID.  What a lovely concept that is!

Hark ye, my creditors.  Soon the internet will bring you happy banking news from us.  Be patient!

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