There Really Were Pickles. I Saw Them.

Mamacita says:  We went to Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve today, and it was spooky, stark, and awesome!  More later, with pictures. Had lunch at Pickle’s Place in Arco.  It was delish.  My sister-in-law got the signature … Continue reading

Up, Up, and AWAY!

Mamacita says:  I’m leaving tomorrow to visit my brother and his family for a week, so I’ve tried to fill the refrigerator with all kinds of goodies.  I know it’s stupid,  because my husband is an excellent cook and is … Continue reading

That Was Then, and This, Unfortunately, Is Now

Mamacita says:  Even when I was a child, I was a reader.  Not just a reader-in-school, either; I was a READER.  When I wasn’t climbing the apple trees next door, skating around the block, or riding my bicycle, I was … Continue reading

Let's Do the Time Warp Back Then*

Mamacita says:  We’ve got to get out of this trap! Before this… decadence… saps our wills. I’ve got to be strong, und try to… hang on! Or else, my mind may well snap! Und my life… will be lived…  for … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

Mamacita says:  This Tuesday, I have more than ten things, but I’ll forcibly hold myself back. Y’all are probably bored enough! 1. I’m on vacation! between semesters right now, so I’ve actually SLEPT! It was awesome; I’d almost forgotten how! … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: The Movies!

Mamacita says:  Sometimes we hear a line or two from a movie, and we remember that line or two long after we’ve forgotten everything else about the movie. Sometimes that remembered line helps us remember other things about a movie, … Continue reading