Oh No She Dinnit: Waiting For Godot? Guffman?

Mamacita says:  I gave my first round of mid-term exams today.  Although the students had three hours in which to complete the test, the last student was finished after an hour and a half. One student did not show up.  … Continue reading

Will Clean For Guests

It’s after nine p.m. and I’m still not in the mood to tackle the family room downstairs. Around midnight the obsession will hit, and you will find me down there on my knees putting things away, packing things, and generally … Continue reading

Home Decor Is Not My Strong Suit

Mamacita says:  My home decor is like no other.  Ordinarily, my jack-o-lanterns sit on the front porch wearing out their welcome until the day before Thanksgiving, when I start to smell something, look down, and notice for the first time … Continue reading