Playground Politics? Really.

Mamacita says:  Let’s start the New Year with some opinionated rants. I am not an A-list blogger/social network updater. I’ve always been more than just a little bit quirky and nerdy, and I still am. I don’t care. I’ve never … Continue reading

Reasons why I should sue & get lots of money from people. And not have to work hard.

Mamacita says:  I’m on vacation right now, and it only took one day for my body to revert to its normal vampiric timing.  In other words, it’s noon and I just got up. Don’t tell anybody, ok? They might think … Continue reading

Will Clean For Guests

It’s after nine p.m. and I’m still not in the mood to tackle the family room downstairs. Around midnight the obsession will hit, and you will find me down there on my knees putting things away, packing things, and generally … Continue reading