Will Clean For Guests

It’s after nine p.m. and I’m still not in the mood to tackle the family room downstairs. Around midnight the obsession will hit, and you will find me down there on my knees putting things away, packing things, and generally making the biggest room in the house presentable. I always do my best work late, late, late at night. I’m just wired like a vampire that, I guess.

I’ve not been in there since the flood, and the furniture is still in the middle of the room and there are boxes of “things” everywhere. I’ve been avoiding it like the plague but now it needs to be dealt with.

You know, I really don’t mind housework; in fact, I like it. It’s just that the mood never hits me until the wee sma’s and then I have to work quietly because the normal people who live here are sleeping. If I have to work quietly, I won’t work. I don’t do “a cappella” very well; I need my accompaniment. But I’m going down there tonight and I’m going to make that room beautiful again.  To music.

I’m having company, and I know there’s an air hockey table and a big box of cool toys down there somewhere.  I just have to start putting things away properly until I uncover them.

And before I do ANYTHING down there, I have to vacuum thoroughly, because the cats continued to play in that room even while the carpets were soaked and the water was up to their ticklish little bellies, and now there are little heaps of dried hairballs all over the floor.  I see myself emptying the sweeper cannister about six times before I’m done.  Oh, were you eating?  I’m sorry.

When I finally go to bed tonight, the family room will once again look nice.

I can’t wait. I love company.

LOVE it.


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