Weddings. Not Mine.

Mamacita says: Wedding day!  My baby sister is getting married.  Actually, it’s happening right now, as I write this.  I wish I could have been down there in Tampa to see it, but we plan to have a reunion and … Continue reading

Where Did the Music Go?

Mamacita says: Back in the day (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) every American student knew hundreds of songs – all the same songs, for the most part. Every Wednesday morning, kids all over the States would gather in their school’s … Continue reading

How To Tell Good Parents from Bad. Etc.

Mamacita says:  I think our school are too big. Large corporations sounded good on paper; they meant all students would have access to the big laboratories, the college courses, the winning basketball teams, etc. Those things are true. For some … Continue reading

Ravel's Bolero: The Music of Horni. . .I Mean, Passion

Mamacita says:  Ravel’s Bolero has long been one of my favorites, and NOT just because it makes everybody who listens to it horny.  I mean, there are tons of other reasons as well.  Check out that conductor, for one thing; … Continue reading