Our Bright, Gifted Students Have Rights, Too!

Mamacita says: I was remembering my first teaching job, which was in a school that used the modular system and gave hope to our bright, gifted students. It was fantastic.  Of course, it’s gone now. == My very first teaching … Continue reading

The Monsters Are Real. They Are Good For Us. They Can Be Overcome.

Mamacita says: Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to write. She spent the first few years of elementary school standing silently beside the teachers’ desks, mutely holding out sheet after sheet of paper on which she … Continue reading

Poetry Friday: Langston Hughes

Mamacita says:  I first heard this poem in high school literature. Tenth grade, sophomore year, in Mrs. Helen Chandler’s class, she who taught Claude Akins, the Bedford Celebrity.. In retrospect, I know that we treated her dreadfully. She was quite … Continue reading

Teachers and The Knack

Mamacita says: There is a knack to teaching middle and high school students that some teachers never quite learn. I’m not sure it can be learned; it might be an art, a talent one must have at birth. For want … Continue reading

Ravel's Bolero: The Music of Horni. . .I Mean, Passion

Mamacita says:  Ravel’s Bolero has long been one of my favorites, and NOT just because it makes everybody who listens to it horny.  I mean, there are tons of other reasons as well.  Check out that conductor, for one thing; … Continue reading

A Letter To My Heart

BlogHer, my beautiful BlogHer, is asking us to write a Letter to My Heart.  This is mine. Dear Heart, They say that scar tissue is the strongest kind.  If that really is the case, dear heart, you must be Arnold … Continue reading