Weddings. Not Mine.

wedding ringsMamacita says: Wedding day!  My baby sister is getting married.  Actually, it’s happening right now, as I write this.  I wish I could have been down there in Tampa to see it, but we plan to have a reunion and celebration when they get back home.  Besides, it’s never about the location or the dress or the photographer or the flowers or the band or any of the silly things that turn so many brainless women into Bridezillas; it’s about the people.  The people here are Kevin and Diana, and nobody else really matters at this magic moment in time.

Well, they MATTER, of course, but they’re not center stage.  Nobody’s in the spotlight here except the bride and groom, surrounded by people they love and who love them.

All those other things – cakes, dresses, etc, – sure seem stupid in comparison  And if you don’t think so, you ain’t right in the head.

Priorities, people.

My sister is deserving of a handsome, kind, funny, loving, hardworking man, and Kevin is deserving of a beautiful, kind, loving, funny, hardworking woman.  It’s a match made in heaven.  And if you don’t believe in heaven, it’s a match made on Facebook.

Much love and all the good wishes in the world to my very lucky sister and her equally lucky husband,upsidedown world both of whom have beaten the odds and found REAL love in this upside-down world.

Then again, I don’t think luck had much to do with it.  More than likely, it was karma, which can shower us with joy as well as bite us on the. . . . well, you know.

May the shower of joy never end, baby sister.

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