Things I Haven't Done Yet

Mamacita says: 1.  I haven’t gotten more than three or four hours of sleep any night since Christmas. 2.  I’ve done tons of laundry, but I haven’t done much of my own. 3.  Ditto with cleaning. 4.  I haven’t reconciled … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday, On Sunday

Mamacita says: Things have been hectic here, more so than usual.  I haven’t posted much, and since this blog is as much a part of me as my heart, lungs, big toes, and girlie bits, I feel the lack.  Hard.  … Continue reading

A Letter To My Heart

BlogHer, my beautiful BlogHer, is asking us to write a Letter to My Heart.  This is mine. Dear Heart, They say that scar tissue is the strongest kind.  If that really is the case, dear heart, you must be Arnold … Continue reading

If Happy Little Bluebirds Can Do It. . . .

Mamacita says: This late afternoon, as my son (handsome, single, nearly seven feet tall, possessor of a sweet sensitive heart and a wicked wild sense of humor, and almost graduated!)  (resumes accepted for my consideration) and I were driving home, … Continue reading

Dee Hoty from "Follies"

Mamacita says:   For some perverse reason, I have always loved this song from Follies. Alexis Smith used to be my favorite singer of this song, but since I discovered Dee Hoty, I’ve changed my mind.  What a belter!  Such class! … Continue reading

Things Nice People Already Know

Mamacita says: 1.  If you bring a lot of little children to a restaurant, and all of them are behaving beautifully except for one, and that one is in a frenzy of determination to rattle the boat and keeps pinching … Continue reading