Forgiveness? Still Working On That.

Mamacita says: On this day four years ago, I was in the intensive care ward. A woman had run two stop signs and collided with me as a colleague and I were on our way to a faculty meeting at … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Son

Mamacita says:  June is a busy month here, as both of my beautiful children have June birthdays. Last week was my daughter’s birthday, and today is my son’s birthday. I remember so well the night he was born. Well, every … Continue reading

Things I Haven't Done Yet

Mamacita says: 1.  I haven’t gotten more than three or four hours of sleep any night since Christmas. 2.  I’ve done tons of laundry, but I haven’t done much of my own. 3.  Ditto with cleaning. 4.  I haven’t reconciled … Continue reading

Sunday Songlist and Singalong

Mamacita says:  Hub is still in the hospital, although he hopes to come home tomorrow.  He loves to have visitors, if you’re in the area.  I’m getting ready to drive back up there in just a few minutes. I’ve been … Continue reading

Monday: More Things I Have Never Done – Yet

It’s Monday, and time for more things I haven’t done yet.  Key word there:  YET.  Many of these I will never do, of course, because I’m just not that kind of person, but some of these things, I might do, … Continue reading