Rules Kids Won't Learn In School

Oh, I know, I know; this list is everywhere and you’ve all seen it a zillion times. Well, make that a zillion and one. For some reason, it just hit me in a good place today. == Rules Kids Won’t … Continue reading

A Thank-you Note to My Students

Mamacita says:  My students this semester are, for the most part, some of the nicest people I’ve ever met:  hardworking and sincere, with good attitudes, and sincerely trying to attain their goals.  To say that many of them have difficult … Continue reading

Meme: Worst Job EVER

John, over at Learn Me Good, has tagged me for a meme.  This makes me happy, actually, because unlike a lot of people, I LIKE memes.  Well, most of them!  This particular meme:  What was your WORST  JOB  EVER? I … Continue reading